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Phare de L'Ile Vierge


The highest lighthouse in Europe standing guard...

In 1844 the gouvernment bought this 14-acre island where they built a 33m tall lighthouse.  This square granite tower was put into operation in 1845 at the same time as the Ile Wrac'h lighthouse and the light in the church bell tower in Plouguerneau.  Nevertheless, this lighthouse was insufficient and a second lighthouse was built on the island.

The construction took 5 years, from 1897 to 1902, and the result is magical:  a superb granite tower standing 82.50 metres tall (84.50 m above sea level), covered with 12 500 opeline glass slabs  on the inside.  The architect chose to stand the lighthouse on a bed of sand so it would resist earthquakes.  Its base measures 13.20 metres in diametre and 365 steps lead to the lantern.